House and Pet Sitting

Unexpected emergencies and travel are now easier to manage than ever with Just as Family house and pet sitting services. You’ll find peace of mind knowing that your home and pets are in good hands while you are away. Whether for the long or the short term, you can rest easy knowing your home and pets are safe.

What is a House and Pet Sitting Service?

Quite simply, a house and pet sitting service cares for your property and pets while you are away from home. Just as Family can care for your yard, collect the mail, and tend to your pets. There is no need to burden friends or neighbors with lawn-mowing or other services. We are happy to care for all your home or pet needs while you are away.

What is more, Just as Family house and pet sitting is reliable. The care of your property and pets is our number one concern. We make your needs our top priority.

Who Can Use a House and Pet Sitting Service?

Anyone who needs home or pet care can use our invaluable service. There is no need to panic when unexpectedly called out of town. Simply call Just as Family, and leave your home and pets in caring, confident hands.

Consider just a few of the services we offer.

  • Lawn and Yard Maintenance

    Now, there is no need to coax neighbors into watering your plants or mowing the lawn. Just as Family offers a wide array of lawn and yard maintenance services. You can enjoy your time away from home knowing your property is cared for.

  • Mail Services

    Waiting for an important delivery while out of town? Just as Family can collect and even re-direct your mail to the appropriate location. There’s no need to worry about mail piling up on your doorstep.

  • Pet Services

    Pets are family. And now there’s no need to leave your pets with an expensive pet motel. Just as Family caters to pets. Our pet sitting service ensures that your pets are well looked after while you are away. Regular meal times, exercise and attention, and your pet’s special needs are just the beginning. We love your pets like they were our own. Choose Just as Family today, and let us care for your pets in their own home.

  • Home Monitoring

    In addition to the comfort you’ll find knowing that your pets are cared for, your mail is collected, and your lawn is mowed, you’ll be happy to know that your home is in good hands. Our home sitting service allows you to choose the level of home care you desire. You can even choose a full home sitting service. Be confident knowing that your home is not sitting empty or susceptible to a break-in. Protecting your home is our priority.

To arrange your home or pet sitting service, call Just as Family today.