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Should You Leave an Unprofessional, but Loved, Day Care Center?

S. sends her children to a day care provider, and she has a quandary: her children wake up happy and ready to go to their “school,” but she doesn’t share their enthusiasm.

The owner, she says, gossips about the other parents, and her communication style feels very unprofessional. It’s not easy to describe, S. says, but when parents raise issues, like the use of high school students to supervise a classroom of toddlers, the provider takes offense rather than considering the ...

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Breastfeeding and Sex: Is Latching On a Turn-Off?

Extended breastfeeding, the current scientific thinking goes, offers significant health benefits for the child, and probably for the mother. But what about for the father? Is what’s good for the gosling and the goose, also good for the gander? And why does it matter?

I know, most women think their breasts are theirs. I’ve been hearing this since I was a toddler being cautioned, “Don’t touch!” But most guys just want to touch. Most girls, thank God, eventually make some guys ...

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In the Hospital, but Not Really a Patient

On Labor Day weekend in 2009, Miriam Nyman, 83, arrived by ambulance at Rhode Island Hospital. She’d fallen, a result of a degenerative brain disorder, and broken her neck. She and her daughter, Tamar Lasky, waited in the emergency room for eight hours until finally, close to midnight, Dr. Lasky needed to go home to sleep.
Miriam Nyman and her daughter, Tamar Lasky.Miriam Nyman and her daughter, Tamar Lasky.

When she arrived to resume her vigil the next day, Dr. Lasky ...

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They Still Don’t Want to Live With You

The Waltons.CBS/PhotofestA scene from “The Waltons.”

Looking over the results of a national survey on attitudes about aging, released on Monday, I groaned over some of the dopier questions. (At what age did people experience their first kiss? Not quite 15, on average. Who cares?)

But there were some interesting data on an issue of perennial interest: older people moving in with younger family members when they can no longer manage on their own. This topic brings a reaction hereabouts as predictable ...

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The High Price of Loneliness

Loneliness stings at any age. But in older people, it can have serious health consequences, raising the risks of an earlier-than-expected death and the loss of physical functioning, according to a study published on Monday.

The report, in the Archives of Internal Medicine, is the largest yet to tease out the impact of loneliness on people in their later years. Geriatricians at the University of California, San Francisco, asked 1,604 adults age 60 and older how often they felt isolated or ...

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