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Should You Leave an Unprofessional, but Loved, Day Care Center?

S. sends her children to a day care provider, and she has a quandary: her children wake up happy and ready to go to their “school,” but she doesn’t share their enthusiasm.

The owner, she says, gossips about the other parents, and her communication style feels very unprofessional. It’s not easy to describe, S. says, but when parents raise issues, like the use of high school students to supervise a classroom of toddlers, the provider takes offense rather than considering the situation. (The high school student was fired a week later, so that’s no longer an issue.)

But, S. says, her children do love it there. It’s safe and clean and nicer than most day care centers — but S. is torn. Should she move them for her own comfort, or leave them where they’re comfortable? Once the basics are in place, what do you look for in a day care provider (if you have the luxury of choice), and how do you know you’ve got it right? Is S. just looking for a level of perfection that doesn’t exist?