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Saving Money on Last-Minute and Air-included Vacations

For bargains, check special offers and lower-cost options from Road Scholar (formerly Elderhostel), Backroads, B&R, VBT, Club ABC and others.

Inflation may be boosting airfares, but there are still bargains to be had on travel to many destinations in the U.S. and abroad.

Road Scholar, the organization formerly known as Elderhostel, has a slew of adventures awaiting vacationers with lower prices and/or no extra charge for a single supplement (one person in a room instead of two.) In some cases, airfare is ...

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Kids Want A Say in Grandchildren-Grandparent Adventures

Active travel company finds that only 20 percent of children help choose vacation destinations for families. Yellowstone and other parks among most popular.

Grandparents who enjoy taking their grandchildren on vacation adventures ought to ask those kids where they would most like to go, according to a focus group conducted recently by Austin Lehman Adventures, an active travel tour operator.

Kasey Austin, Field Operations Liaison for the company, said she was surprised when,

Upon asking kids what the best part of a past ...

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New Mexico: Older Tourists Skip Driving, Take Train

Grownups and train buffs can explore desert vistas, mountains and Anglo, Indian and Hispanic cultures in the “land of enchantment” via railroad.

You don’t have to be a young person, a hiker, a skier or even a car driver to become enchanted with the fifth largest state among the 50. A great way to appreciate New Mexico’s cultural diversity and scenery is to take your time and try out its railroads. Here are a few suggestions for a visit, whether you ...

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Rick Steves Welcomes Active Vacationers to Europe

As head of a growing empire of guidebooks, tours and gear, Rick Steves is a guru to Americans heading for Europe. Here’s the inside scoop on taking part.

Many vacationers are familiar with the name Rick Steves. This entrepreneur has published dozens of guidebooks, phrasebooks and pocket guides to various regions, countries and cities throughout Europe.

Since his books and the tours he organizes are not specifically for boomers or seniors, some wonder whether they are part of the Steves market. In ...

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Must-Reads: Feminism, Travel, Milk Wars and More

The Milk Wars: “We need more balanced, reassuring voices telling women not to feel guilty if they can’t nurse exclusively for months on end. Given how difficult it is for some women to nurse, we should understand that we might sometimes be asking too much.”

Love, Money and Other People’s Children: “No one can dispute the importance of raising a child. Most parents, holding a new baby, face the most monumental work of their life. Perhaps the reason we often deny ...

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