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Must-Reads: Feminism, Travel, Milk Wars and More

The Milk Wars: “We need more balanced, reassuring voices telling women not to feel guilty if they can’t nurse exclusively for months on end. Given how difficult it is for some women to nurse, we should understand that we might sometimes be asking too much.”

Love, Money and Other People’s Children: “No one can dispute the importance of raising a child. Most parents, holding a new baby, face the most monumental work of their life. Perhaps the reason we often deny caregivers the social position and the respect they deserve is that we are uncomfortable with our absence from the particular chair they occupy, many hours of the day, many days of the year.”

Room for Debate: When Parents Hover and Kids Don’t Grow Up: Do more involved parents reflect a good trend or a worrisome inability to let children fail?

Congratulations, You’re a Feminist: Catlin Moran says: “When I talk to girls, they go, ‘I’m not a feminist,’ ” she said. “And I say: ‘What? You don’t want to vote? Do you want to be owned by your husband? Do you want your money from your job to go into his bank account? If you were raped, do you still want that to be a crime? Congratulations: you are a feminist.’ ”

Why is It Hard to Make Friends Over 30? “Even when parent friends develop a bond, the resulting friendships can be fleeting — and subject to the whims of the children themselves.”

And, finally, How the Tough Get Going: Silicon Valley Travel Tips: For parents, this is pure single-life porn. The biggest “travel tip” is clearly the one left unspoken: don’t have children.