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My Post-Colic Stress Disorder

Our son’s birth was not what we anticipated. My wife’s 43-hour labor resulted in an emergency C-section, so the calm birthing pool experience we hoped for never happened. The soothing birth soundtrack we compiled barely got played. Luckily our son was born healthy with no complications for him or my wife, but his infancy quickly became something we hadn’t expected either.

For the first four and a half months of his life, our son had what is commonly referred to as ...

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Letting a Daughter with Development Disorders Grow Up

My 15 year-old daughter Lizzie is very angry with me right now. Over breakfast this morning, she sputtered through tears: I am not letting her grow up! I am an overprotective, crazy mother! “Not fair,” she kept repeating: her mantra, but the words don’t seem to sink into my apparently dense skull.

Our argument, which began last night and spilled into this morning, is about a simple thing – walking the dog. She can walk our sweet little mutt, Scooter, anywhere ...

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